Our Promise

We founded Foltz Financial Private Wealth Management because we knew there had to be a better way to approach money management and financial planning. We saw too many people struggling to find a financial advisor that cares about their goals and would actively manage their portfolio hands-on. This approach can be too time-intensive for most advisors. So we became the advisor that could provide this rare service. 

Through rigorous independent research and attention to detail, my conviction on any investment holding is that it must be good enough for my own portfolio to be good enough for my clients’ portfolio. This is what we believe true active money management is.  

At our firm, we only take on a select number of clients to give them the time, attention, and care they deserve. Your portfolio is managed by John Foltz, our Managing Director and Founder, not a third-party money manager. We intimately understand your short and long-term goals and take a proactive approach in helping you pursue them. 

Rather than focus on growing our business and getting as many clients as possible, we focus on giving our select number of clients the highest level of service possible. Contact us today to get started. 

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